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At West Power Services, we specialize in providing top-notch repair and maintenance services for International-brand trucks. With our team of certified technicians and state-of-the-art facilities, we are dedicated to keeping your International trucks running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring you get the best performance and longevity from your investment. In this article, we will discuss the unique aspects of International trucks and the comprehensive services we offer to keep them in peak condition.

Why Choose International-brand Trucks

International trucks are known for their durability, reliability, and fuel efficiency. As a brand that has been in the industry for over 100 years, International has consistently delivered high-quality products that meet the ever-changing demands of the trucking industry. These trucks are designed with advanced technology, such as the innovative A26 engine, which provides increased fuel efficiency, reduced weight, and lower noise levels. In addition, International trucks are built with strong components designed to withstand the most demanding conditions, making them an ideal choice for businesses and fleet owners alike.

Comprehensive Repair and Maintenance Services at West Power Services

At West Power Services, we understand that maintaining the performance and longevity of your International trucks is essential for your business. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services tailored to the specific needs of International-brand trucks. Our services include

  • Preventive Maintenance: Regular preventive maintenance is crucial for keeping your International trucks in top shape. We offer scheduled maintenance services, such as oil changes, filter replacements, and comprehensive inspections, to identify and address potential issues before they become costly repairs.
  • Engine Repairs and Overhauls: Our certified technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of International engines, including the A26 engine. Whether you need a simple repair or a complete overhaul, we have the expertise and equipment to get your truck back on the road quickly and efficiently.
  • Transmission Services: The transmission is a vital component of your International truck, and we provide comprehensive services to ensure its smooth operation. Our technicians can diagnose and repair transmission issues and perform routine maintenance and fluid changes.
  • Suspension and Steering Repairs: A properly functioning suspension and steering system are crucial for the safe operation of your International truck. Our team can diagnose and repair issues with your truck's suspension and steering components, ensuring a smooth and safe ride.
  • Brake Services: We understand the importance of reliable brakes for your International truck's safety and performance. Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and repairing all brake systems and performing routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
  • Electrical System Repairs: Electrical issues can be challenging to diagnose and repair, but our technicians are well-versed in the complexities of International truck electrical systems. We can address issues with your truck's lighting, charging, and starting systems and diagnose and repair any other electrical concerns.

Genuine International Truck Parts at West Power Services

To ensure the highest quality repairs and maintenance, we use only genuine International truck parts. These parts are designed and manufactured to meet the exact specifications of your vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. By using genuine parts, you can trust that your truck is receiving the best possible care and will continue to deliver the performance you expect from an International-brand truck.

Trust West Power Services for Your International Truck Repair and Maintenance Needs

When servicing and maintaining your International trucks, trust the experts at West Power Services. Our team of certified technicians has the knowledge, experience, and tools to provide the highest quality repair and maintenance services for your International-brand trucks. Visit any of our Nashville or Goodlettsville, TN locations today to experience the difference West Power Services can make for you.

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